De Fazio Gourmet is a local Edmonton bakery that offers an assortment of unique products to create the perfect addition to your wedding. Be it it a delicious mini mousse cake, an espresso + biscotti bar, or a personalized biscotti favour.

We love creating something uniquely yours. We aim to delight your guests as much as you do. Our intent is to get a real sense of you and your wedding to inspire the perfect selection.

Coffee Bar
$500 (minimum 2 hrs, unlimited servings)
$175 / hour for each additional hour

$2.75 each (minimum 4 dozen)

Mini Mousse Cakes
$5.75 each (minimum 2 dozen)

Biscotti Bar
Prices will vary upon selection

Personalized Biscotti Favours
Prices will vary upon selection

To order or contact us, please email or call 780-452-8960.

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